Hi there.

So, this is my second time around, my second attempt at blogging! My first one was back in the autumn of 2007 with the German site www.blog.de when i moved from Germany to Ibiza but at the time it was a bit trickier (not just because my laptap was stolen from me in Barcelona, but it did not make life easier) and I do hope that this time things will be running a bit smoother, easier and I will keep it up more constantly… Promise 😉

Well what can I say? Right now, I am excited about many things. My girls have their first proper day of their summer school vacation. The air is full of promises. Even though I spent yesterday mostly in bed due to a bit of food poisoning – yesterday it was summer solstice, it always has something very Shakespearian or at least something really romantic to it.

I have tons of good material in my head to pop out some new creative short stories, articles, poems at long last, I have met new exciting people, I have many many good leads to follow up on, and not only in a business type way but also and not too few in a friendship kind of way. It really is a time where you have to focus what to do first in order not to get lost in the ocean of possibilities before you.

I try to do that, I mean focus and not get lost.