Right, so I am sitting here in the peace and quiet of a wifi area in a cafe in sant joan and thought I could just sit there and relax. For the first half an hour it worked. Then the cafe got more crowded and crowded… I suppose noone has a home where to do their office work. Well in the end, I guess I am alright but the noise level I would love to be much lower than it actually is right now.

I still haven’t heard from IBERIA which I think is a bad sign considering that they were urgently looking for people. And also considering the fact that they said if you can’t work all days, all hours, your chances are quite slim to enter… ūüė¶

Yesterday, manic Monday, I spent my Monday morning running errands in a way (getting new appointment with IB Salut, looking for new leads for a proper job, looking for a bathroom bin which of course I could¬†only at a most ridiculous price so I would not want to buy it, being caught in a traffic jam after another), and then stumbling upon the SOIB office (orientacion laboral) then being sent back again to SOIB normal office, waiting again, getting a letter of approval, so I could apply for an appointment there.¬†I guess this is normal when they don’t tell you for startes where to go to if you are looking for more in depth information. So it was like one of those adventure pc games where you are constantly picking up gadgets and ¬†later on find out what you could do with all of these things. I felt like I was getting finally more and more information that could help me find “the” job that I am looking for. So… good feeling… But hopeful? I don’t know. Not that I believe that I would find it straight away. But in a way, yesterday I did a¬†lot to have more of what is required in Spain.

Next Monday, I have an appointment with SOIB Рorientacion laboral. Not that I would consider myself the apt candidate in need of further orientation but in a way I hope they will give my current cv the finishíng touches it might need.

So, what’s up for today? Well, I answered some emails, I put my CV into the Adecco database and hope for something to happen. I still have that German Adecco person, but let’s see what happens.

I will send out more CVs to some companies today. Doing more research. Answering yet more emails. Sending out the links with Katharinas Imagine performance which was simply brilliant. Maybe even writing some letters. Let’s see shall we?

I am in a kind of communicative mood today. Which is good.