Ok, I must admit it. I haven´t been the world´s most loyal blogger. So I guess this is something I need to get adjusted to. I mean get started, do it like brushing my teeth. Whatever.

Right now, my life is again a little chaotic. Season in Ibiza´s over. We are slowly but surely dragging our old and feeble carcasses in and out of our houses again only to notice that the last tourists are packed to go back home to board their plane that brings them back to their climatised homes. Days are shorter. Living in a flat without a heating seems to be fun in August, in October it can get a little fresh in here. School is on again.

We all know that the next six months or so will be kind of lonely. Kind of sad. Kind of strange. We meet friends we haven´t seen in months cos they were all crazy working like ourselves. We will start noticing clubs and restaurants and cafes we did not have time to see while the season was in full blaze.

Now, we – the majority of people aged 25-55 – are either unemployed and hence too broke to have a drink, too busy getting new jobs, or too busy with the new winter job to make it to the new club / restaurant / cafe, and we postpone it to the next season. Well, that´s what I keep doing anyway.

In the first two years, I was so stubborn to get a real good job, in the third year I was still eager to have a job, in my fourth year I guess I will just hope that somehow, I will come up with enough money to pay my bills, be it one job, be it several mini jobs, whatever. Your perspective changes, slightly, sometimes you do not notice but then again, the replies you get from people who knew you from your pre-Ibiza life will let you know that you did change.

I guess, living here has to have an impact in terms of perspective, in terms of aspirations, in terms of what it is we want to achieve. I am not entirely sure whether I like when I think about how casual I have become when it comes to paying my bills, living from one month to the next, then thinking about the way I used to be.

Maybe, this is just a slight October depression. Like I said, season´s over.