Right now, I am seriously wondering whether living in a big city is worse than the noise terror that your ears can be submitted to while you live in the so-quiet countryside of a small island… The noise terror in a big city is something that is regulated by laws and also bureaucracy. They have a curfew, they will stop people from going on and on and on… Here in Ibiza, a curfew is something I would look forward to, something that I would like to see being installed, since there are not only some rich bitches around, but there are people who actually work for a living, so being kept awake and being kept from doing something that you are doing for a living is something that I loathe, or at least it is something I really could just start love to hate.

I do love music. Proper good music, but I really loathe people’s music if it is bad and loud, and often it is this combination which tends to make me angry. I am just hoping they will end this impromptu music festival (or whatever it is) soon since I really think they should either rethink the set of songs they are doing or maybe simply do it all again, with a) a new singer, b) with a bit less volume that allows people to take a rest or c) maybe simply not do it again anyway because they totally and utterly suck… Oh my dog, they are playing the last three hours or so… and I really think noise terror is the least you could call that.

Fuck off!!!! Go away, and play this awful music in your own garage but not here… Arghhhh!!! What a night of horror. Edgar Allen Poe could make another ghoulish story about some lunatic musicians who can´t stop playing music out of this one.

Over and out.