It is true. I have had too much of stress and intensity lately. I have been quite literally burning the candle at both ends. Now I am really astonished that it is almost mid June again and I feel I could really do with a holiday of some sort. But no, there are so many things to sort now, that even this coming up for air seems out of the question. There is a burning question inside of me… Read on.

I should have had a talk with someone at townhall. It is so ridiculous and also gives me a lot of “Fremdschämen” de vergüenza ajena (feeling ashamed on behalf of somebody else) that they actually not only put up the prices to leave your child at a summer school but also that they have simply taken away all possibilities to make it accessible for people who don´t earn much money or who have more than one child. Let me give you an example. Let´s say you are a worker here in Spain. Let´s presume your wages will be around 1000-1100€ for working a 40 hours per week. Let´s just assume that you have two children in the school ages of 4 to 12 years old. Where it goes without saying that you will need someone to look after your kids while you are working. Let´s presume even more that your wife has irregular earnings, but when you break it down per year, she will oscillate around 300€ /350€ month if she is lucky. So now it becomes  quite clear that from this amount of money there is no way you can make an expenditure to allow 300€ / month just for the kids to be in summer school, it is 600€ for 40 days of childcare from 9h to 14h. That is simply not feasible. You don´t have to be Einstein to see it right from the start. But this is what they are charging this year. A whopping 300€ which basically is a third of any worker´s wages if they are lucky enough to have fulltime employment. Let´s say you don´t but leaving your kids at childcare would at least give you the option to earn your 300€ per month and maybe you could have some extra cash by getting the odd extra job. But just thinking of the 300€ you will need to spend in order to earn 300€, it is easy enough to simply take a pass this year.

However, if you know the Balearics, you also know that your wages will drop dramatically in the winter, and you need to have an extra income but your wife is hindered to do so on account of not being able to afford to pay such a huge sum per month to have her kids attended from 9h – 14h, from Monday to Friday even though she is working hard to support her family. To me, things are getting more and more ridiculous each day. I want to start laughing, but my laughter is choked since I am faced with the politics of stopping short those people who really could do with an extra help from the government. And believe me, I am not the only one affected. I am just one who is not ashamed to speak up. But I am so fed up with two faced politicians sucking the life force and the health, the sanity and the prosperity as well as the natural resources such as trust out of people, wasting them, leaving them out in the streets, like some rag dolls… This is insanity. Dickens´s Hard Times have come back with a vengeance. This is not gruell each day and then off to the factory, this is buying the cheapest possible food there is, being mostly at home, not being able to let your kids do outdoor activities like sports, because you have no means to support them, that means keeping your children at home, and being forced to stay at home yourself since there is no option to find a job that will be well enough paid in order to pay for child care. It means that you in turn need to find some other sorce of income as on the first market you – if you have two or more kids – you sadly will not make it, you have a snowball´s chance in hell. That is the sad truth that I am faced with each and every day and now it gives me the cold rage of someone who has endured oppression for too long and who has suffered enough, and who frankly does not care who will care to read this but who feels the need to voice her anger. Anger with injustice, anger with corruption, and not-so white lies, anger with bad politics for families, bad source markets and even worse, the stance of indifference that state official tend to take up, slap your shoulders jovially, and laugh you right into your face while some of them will even suggest you should try to earn black money. Excuse me? Earn in black? Well, maybe I am too German for this. But isn´t this white collar crime and its acceptance that got us into this dilemma in the first place?  This is so grotesque. I cannot believe this is 21st century. This is worse than the 18th century darkness of industrialization. Welcome back to the darkest ages of humanity.

You are expected to pay your bills, you are expected to be working well, you are expected to be good and you are pushed to your limits … what´s more … today´s society as well as state officials are pushing families more and more into the corner of under achievers… of social misfits… because it was your CHOICE to go for children. If you cannot afford to have them, why did you have them in the first place? Well, I could do an essay on this, but to keep things short and simple, it is because I still believe in mankind. And that is that. But how on earth am I supposed to raise my children to become good and valuable and fit members of society when you are denied a living of any kind just because your mother. Period. I was this close to a proper job as a translator, and someone else got it. Because they did not have any kids. Has it come this far now?

Only because you cannot afford the extra cash that might stand in between you and a proper job, you – even as a graduate person with 6 languages – you will not be given the chance to work. This is such nonsense, such a discrimination, a bad injustice for all low wagers, for all families really of two and more kids that it really starts aching inside. And the state official unwillingly picks up their newest smart phone, hands you a form not even deigning to look at you, treating you like a social misfit even you could do their job probably better than they ever will, but adds that there are no subventions anyway… Yeah right…. Thanks for the utter kindness of sharing your wisdom! Viva España y viva la crisis!

Ok, so I will be a stay at home mum this summer, not because I want to but because these 300€ should I have them will be reinvested into our family and not into some corrupt system that only aims at letting stay people poor. Like I said it gives me some kind of cold rage. I am at my words´end, I have no other remedy other than stirring people up to let them see what is happening around Europe.

In case some of you might know some remedy to this situation, please repost my blog and let other people see the truth of standing with your back against the wall.

I have all the prerequisites to be working from my home. I speak 6 languages, I am office literate and I do ghost writing as well as copy writing, translations. Whatever comes up really. My children are 6 and 9. I love them, and I will not start to deny the existence of them since they are part of my life. If I am uncool because I have kids, then I am uncool. But I am not stupid, and I can do numbers.