Today I was so happy that I met someone I knew who lives on the island but whom I never met before. And so I spoke with her. I do believe in fate. This was such a gift. I am still so fuelled by this moment. I am looking forward so much to seeing this person again as she seems to embody everything that I thought was part of the old Ibiza movement, of why people moved here and left their old lives behind. So here is a lucky day today.

But apart from that, I am also happy that the new schoolyear’s reunions are over and done with for the moment. Early mornings are so not my time. I am confident though that my girls have both gotten a good teacher this year.

I am still struggling to find my best words to write the synopsis of my Ibiza tales book. I just hope so much that I will get there soon. I am so impatient and there are so many new things around me, and I also have new ideas in my head that I need to finish my stories first of all and get them under way. First things first. Synopsis writing, here we go…

Be back soon, fingers crossed.

Why did I choose the title Conceptual Thinking? Well, that’s easy. A good and new friend of mine, a photographer who gave me a photography class in exchange against an apple cinnamon cake is the most amazing person and truly hard working and alive artist around who absorbs the spirit of the island so well… He gave me a new task. First theme was faces, take pictures of people – only challenge you have to ask people you don’t know… Ok, so I did. Now, this is the second task, conceptual thinking.

My concept is holistic. My conceptual thought is freedom: artistic freedom, physical freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom in the sense of feeling free or liberated. Freedom is the spiritual translation of being light in the universe.

So, here goes… Liberté, freedom, Freiheit… To me freedom is the middle name of Ibiza.