Ok, maybe I am not such a typical blogger. So be it.

But when I’m blogging, at least that will mean that I have something to say. Here it goes:

Apart from the overflowing presence of the Social Media out there and apart from the wish to resuscitate the patient named personal communication, I feel that we are near evolving a new culture that will accept acquaintances without having ever seen the person IRL (in real life) and what’s more converse with them as though we would knew them.

The bad news is that somehow that has become reality. I remember very well when I felt very reluctant to engage in a conversation with someone I barely knew and had the feeling that I was giving away way too much.

The good news is that we are an evolved species that will find their ways around the pitfalls of web 2.0 and its comunication. We will always be generating comunication saveguarding the wish for a true, personal and deep communication.

Having said that, I have virtual friends whom I never met but of who I know I would befriend with directly as well if I ever met them. And others in real life, who I constantly meet and with whom I have a much weaker bond. Life with the era of the new communication media & therefore also media skills has just begun.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Things can look good but they may be bad, and vice versa. But inherent I find it truly important to always be authentic, which ever type of communication you are looking at.

Use Ockham’s razor.