The reason why I did not post in between end of October and now is quickly said. There was not much going on until the beginning of November, and then there was this tidal wave of finding a house, getting things sorted and doing the actual move that simply left me drained, with nothing much to write about… The bits and pieces of time I did have I spent in DIY, searching proper tools, furniture, ironware, and what not. Not that it bothered me much. I could see that each and every day, we were getting ahead, so it did not matter to not have any time to blabber on about it.

Now, we’ve been in the new home, which is a flat, but more or less the upper part of a country house, so finally, we – after having lived nearly 4 years in the smallest possible flats you could imagine for 3, later then for 4 people – are moving to a flat that is about double the size and it is the taste of the country side. When I wake up, I can see two big palm trees outside, another huge tree at the very side of the house whose name I cannot give but which looks amazing and beautiful. The air is fresh and clean… At night, there is nothing to be heard, a dog barking maybe, and sometimes, there is this peaceful quiet and the silent roar of nature itself.

I have never been a country gal. Always lived in the big city, always been living with central heating apart from the last couple of years. It gets so real now. We have to cut wood to have a fire, we have to have a plastic thing over the bonnet in order for humidity not to go inside the car. Things like that you know.

What is important about this move? I guess the most important thing about it is that we finally have more space and get to be ourselves again. I have finally a study again like the one I used to have back in Germany, a room of my own, with my books, dictionaries, memorabilia and other personal stuff inside to give me a better atmosphere when I want to sit down and read or write. I am now sitting in the living room since it is much warmer because of the stove. But I’m sure I will make good use of it soon. The window opens up to an orange garden.

Life here is damn good.