Wow. Normally I don’t post twice a day. But there is a reason. A very fortunate chance meeting I had the last week.

Something I did forget to mention in my earlier post today is that Ibiza has this way about connecting people. One minute, you think this might be the most boring day in your life, and next thing you know you all of a sudden meet a bunch of people and get connected to just the people you were looking for. Ibiza is strange in that respect. And it does tend to happen, not only with me, also with other people.

So, the wonderful thing is that this is a very small island. We kind of stumble upon each other – even physically, we meet at parties, gas stations, birthday parties, etc., there are good as well as the bad moments that can be derived from this. We need to cherish those good, inspiring and wonderful moments as they compensate by far for the weird, bad or horrible ones. Last Friday, I was lucky enough to have such a wonderful Ibiza moment when I walked into some bbq and semi-formal get together, spoke to some nice bloke who I did not know and was subsequently invited to be part of it. I tried to mingle with lots and lots of people around this “do” and it was just brilliant.

What am I trying to say here? Ibiza is like a fairy world? No, it is most certainly not. It is very much set in this world. It is part of the real world. It is not a child’s imitation of the real world, but it is a microcosm in itself. With its own laws and with its very own idiosyncrasies. This is one of these idiosyncrasies. You come some place, you get spontaneously invited and connect with people. In order to love Ibiza and be really home here you need to embrace these idiosyncrasies, even though they might seem unusual in the first place. Things that tend to happen here happen in their own Ibiza kind of way.

When I look back upon my four years I spent here I need to say that things like this Friday have happened to me always when I felt kind of melancholic, moody, down and really not in the mood to socialize… That is kind of funny when you think about it. I would like to see myself as a quite sociable person but every now and then I want to be more private, secluded with my projects, concentrate on things I am doing. And then, this happens, it might be called a social injection of faith. There are people who are on your page, they tell you their story and that is the moment  when it dawns on you, when you think, no, you know, yes, it was the right choice for you to come here.

The core of this may not always be something that is professional. It can be political. It can be art related. It can be a shared joke, it can be part of your own history, it can be anything.

To me, that Friday was better than anything I had experienced in a long time. I felt so fortunate, so blessed and happy to be here and not some other place in this world.

I guess this is a small love letter to Ibiza.

It can be a tough place, true.

But I daresay the hidden gems that need unveiling will be – apart from the amazing nature and the real Ibicencos – always be the people on it.

Those who had the urge to come out here and those willing to fight the obstacles and who are brave enough to try to make their living here.