So. What is it that we are faced with today? The mere incredible audacity of what reality is giving us on a daily basis could not have been preconceived or thought up by some weird underground movie maker. But and that’s now the fun part, we are all in the middle of it. Europe and the whole eurozone is brought to a grinding halt and now we are considered as have-not among others. We are rated and classified as negative. So… If we look back upon the Maastricht treaty, do you seriously think it was this they had in mind? I daresay the idea was rather auspicious. The economy was in full blaze. When you look around now, everywhere you will find young unemployed people, well educated studied people who are fighting to make it through to the last of each month. I mean when you think about it, sure, there were always crises. Heavy ones, brought about by cutting edge technology, by companies going bankrupt, by governmental changes, and last but not least by the course of history. However, we are faced with a new phenomenon here: the bail-out situation that doubles or triples the amount of money and of course, of all possible people, it is always the banks that find themselves in the curious state of asking for money. To be honest, this seems to be more and more en vogue… And none of the bankers has spine to tell the truth as to why this came about. For me, it is a weird thing to say or feel but i guess that cinema today has been outdone by reality. Unfortunately. It could be a very long and tiresome few years from now on.


Let’s hope I might be wrong.