This might sound trivial but how many days do we spend like this? Get up, sweat, take a shower, sweat some more. Get ready, get into the car, take a dive into the massive traffic overkill that haunts Ibiza each and every year, ok, let’s skip the part with the traffic congestion that is painfully palpable anywhere you go. So, you made it to the library. You pick up a few books, you sit down at one of these tiny desk and you thank the Lord for small mercies, like e.g. that the people from the Ibiza Consell haven’t forgotten to fit an air condition. Well, that may sound awkward, but this is the one thing I really miss in my own home. Ok, so you are there. You start doing your stuff. And all of a sudden, you think oh my god, it is already this and that hour. I need to go back. So you think. Right, one little pee, then I’m off. And guess what. In the probably under 3 minutes that i was away from my desk someone actually put his things in between my stuff and the person beside me, and starts working away…

Ok, I don’t want to sound too petty. I allow other people to be working just like me. But does it have to be in less than 30 centimetres of space? The guy and me were maximum 1m apart. Since the library desks are so small. But for someone to really be that stupid and also kind of rude to kind of squeeze themselves into such a small space, … Ridiculous.

Needless to say, that afterwards I did not get any more decent work done. It really distracts me when people sit too close by me. It is hard enough to blend out the background noises, the sneezing, the rustle of paper, the squeaky chairs over the squeaky floor, but this person… That was just beyond words. I did not really have the heart to tell her my mind. But it did feel like a perfect intrusion.

What did she think I would do? What did I think I would have done had I not been in the perfect summertime madness state of mind?

I know that people tend to do crazy things now in summer. They have the perfect excuse for almost anything. The heat, the heat, and … also the heat.

What crossed my mind when I stood up and packed up the pencils, the highlighter, unplugged my laptop and stuffed the writings into my backpack and silently put on my Ray Ban glasses and left… Well… I should tell you, shouldn’t I? But then again, this is my secret. And it is a summertime madness secret…

Nobody will ever know. Can you keep a secret? (Whispering) There you go. Wasn’t that bad. 🙂

By the way, the picture below has nothing to do with it. I just saw it today and thought it really captured the mood right now. Every one is a little weird right now. A bit overworked maybe as well.  Or maybe just too Catholic… 😉


Just another usual scene: the summertime madness in Sa Penya.
The discoteques try to top each other with a bit of foreplay 😉