I guess we knew it all along. The nights are getting colder again, the heat becomes more bearable. We are approaching the realm of autumn. You look at the trees, the burnt grass, the debris left behind by hordes of tourists, you start nodding your head silently. Yes. It is time to go back to normal again. The energy here on this island is incredible. But when you to take a look at how tired people are, or should I say mentally exhausted, then you can grasp the idea why some friend of mine cried Yippieyeah!!!!the last tourist has gone…. It is a strong love hate relationship between Ibiza and its residents. Two months later everybody will be bitching and moaning… How bad the season was. How they could not make any decent amount of money. They will be melancholic at times. They will wish themselves back to the hustle and the speed of the summer season. In winter season so many things are just dormant. When you do things, they take up more time. And still, there are many people around who just love this island when the last chiringuito is desrted, all the summer people and summer helpers are back home. To be honest… I love Ibiza the most in winter. Because it is different. it has got a different pace, different people and also different light. But it takes guts, passion and some survival instinct to really live the two different Ibiza’s accordingly. Party and work. Listen and learn. Meet and greet. Sit at home, read a book and muse. When I left my home almost five years ago, I was not really aware of the huge contrasts here on this island.

Now… I really enjoy them. It is a bit like two sides of a coin. Or the Janus head looking forward and backward at the same time.

Here in Ibiza, you can be, have or reach almost anything….

but one thing you will never ever be is bored.

I first felt unsure if I could live my life this way…. but it turns out that once you embrace the weird and wild rhythm of a sacred island with a pagan heart, you get to love the fast paced summer frenzy as well as the stoic and bucolic beauty of its winter. I only laugh at people nowadays who ask me how I could bear to live in Ibiza in such a dull season such as winter. Those people seriously have no idea of what they are missing.

So. Enough love letters. to my darling island Ibiza. Eivissa. Goodbye tourism in one month and hello again to the many perks of living here.

I am so much looking forward to getting back to seeing the winter people of Ibiza again. About one month from now on, and Ibiza is a renewed island. Thanks to Tanit, protecting goddess of Ibiza.