I guess there are times when we feel magnetic. Not literally but in a figurative sense. Times when we seem to attract so many different vibes, so many different thoughts are brought upon us that things might get a little blurry at the edges. Why am I saying that?

Basically, because we need to seek balance in a world that is overriding the constraints that were given to us right from the start when we were born. There are things that are possible, and some things that are not. Simple as that. However, things are different in the 21st century. We are all hyper connected. See? You are reading my blog even if I don’t have the faintest idea of who you are and you don’t know who I am. We all get a funny idea of how the world should be, seeing all the things that are possible at the far end of this world, and we constantly seek to outdo the other, in a sense that may be a relict from a time far gone. A time when we could barely stand on our two feet and ate every other day when our clan’s strongest could kill a byson and would die roughly speaking at 25 if we were lucky.

In our lives today, so many things are there, i.e. they are “present”, in a physical as well as in a metaphysical way: and all of these aspects are somehow accounted for. We are mothers, fathers, children, students, employees, volunteers, hobby divers, fans of a certain music bands, we may be blond, we may be brunette or red heads, we may have freckles and a scar on the left shin because we recently fell badly. We may be single children, we may be the firstborn, or the lastborn or the one in the middle… It all has an explanation, in this world and in the times we are living in.

What am I getting at? Well, the point is easily made. The world has come to be a place where our life is so extremely specialized like it has never been before, and that’s why… we all tend to be specialists of some kind.

Sound like a good news? Read on, it may be, but it does not necessarily have to be.

The thing is there are so many different currents in our lives, we may have to start choosing and lead the life we always wanted. And in some other ways, we need to stop choosing before it is too late.


Why do we get older and older before choosing a partner for life and settle down and have children? Is it really a matter of being more evolved or is it simply the thought “why do I need to choose now…? I could carry on trying to postpone this decision. Better specimen of the opposite/same sex might come along”? That is just one example. Another would be the impossibility to have life long employment nowadays. I bet you a thousand dollar that in my generation you will find no-one who is able to live his/her life on a lifelong employment unless he/she is a government official and even their days are counted. Another example would be that today nearly everyone is not content with what they have. Why the heck have we become like that?

Ok, that was the example of not wanting to make a decision because it could turn out to be wrong in the end. Well, that is just the illness of the modern man. We cannot make decisions. We are like Hamlet… We procrastinate. And yes, that is a very bad thing. Talk to Euro finance experts and they will let you know how bad this ailment of procrastination really is.

Right, the second argument was that the other times we are too diversified that we lose ourselves or get lost in the most minimal differences… And for what, may I ask? I sometimes feel like a stone age person when I hit a drugstore. Back then, you were lucky to have a shampoo that did not sting in the eyes when you were little. Today, we have shampoos for dry, greasy, dandruff, baby, 40+ or gray, colored, curly and what not hair… It is (mildly put) insanity. To be honest, that is the world we consumers wanted… We helped creat this nightmare. But when I look around now. The thing that really makes me sad is the thing that the immense variety we offer in shampoos, or in dog food, or in piercing studs or whatever… We kind of lose the ability to be just a man, a child or a woman… There are too many labels, standing a mile in front of us. We are labelling everything and being labelled by each and everyone. To me, I must admit, it seems as though that the material or better said the product world has taken over.

I’d much rather have it if we stopped to diversify that much and go back to being people… God, where are the times when you could hit a bar or any place really and simply sit down and chat with someone? Maybe I am an anachronism, but I really sorely miss those times. People are too conscious these days of who they are, and to which group they consciously or subconsciously belong. Makes real communication much harder I think. They kind of stick to their peers much more. It is harder to enter certain circles. It is harder to move sideways in society. The vertical line is open. But the horizontal line of movement surely isn’t. And that is kind of weird for me.

Freedom fighters … Intellectuals united …  Wallstreet journalists … Al Qaeida … True, these are just labels but then again, but they just go to show that it would be better to lose these labels and came to talk much more personality.

I don’t care for celebrities. I want people. Just people. Like you and me.

So, what did I learn today. I prefer people to hollow shells. I like people with their flaws. With their idiosyncrasies. With their own personal style.

No, let me re-phrase that. It has been a successful week. Be it as it may.

PS: I guess it is fair to say that this blogpost was triggered by reading literature and creative writing stuff I had been writing when I was 17 – 25. The way I wrote showed me the current of that era, let’s call it the zeitgeist of that particular era, and it just made me shiver when I look back on the way we were. The world has changed so much and sometimes I just wish that people would just go back to being people and not be so easily lured into the trap of falling for the craziest hype. Today everybody diversifies that much that sometimes the overall, the general notion gets lost on the way.

Sound like bad news. Yes. Read and understood the idea. It is well bad.

If we hadn’t made the move to diversify that much we would all be much more aware of all the things going on around us. The ignorance is on the rise. The refusal to demand transparence from politicians and from public administration is one of the things I would introduce straight away. It is something that I find hard to believe…

We live in an age of information but still … ignorance is on the rise.

The level of real knowledge can be measured easily. The most fun way though is to get someone you absolutely don’t know, to talk to you about politics. Or about prices. Or education. Or any subject that is universal. Try it out.

You will find that most people stopped being just “people” and started being “individuals” which is upsetting sometimes.

My plea, therefore, please go back to being just “people”. Just normal, current, everyday people. No tags required. This theme is universal.