The magic of playing scrabble is one of the things that comes in the package of learning a new language. Of course, it goes without saying that you can always play Scrabble in your native tongue but playing it in a new language is even more exciting. Scrabble gets you thinking, it brings you to your personal limit, it makes you aware of how the words are formed in a certain language, and how some words may be included in others, as well as your association chain will lead you to words you did not even know existed. That’s what is happening when you play scrabble. Apart from being a fun game when you are around with people who are really Scrabble addicts, no matter whether you are a sucker for language, word formation and neologisms, whether you got kids in the house, no matter whether you are not really into language or not, scrabble can really be a game that helps you fill in those bla(n/c)k parts of your vocabulary.

It gives you a whole new horizon. I used to play this a lot when I was a child. Now Scrabble came back with a vengeance. I really dig that game.

The probably best part of it is that each game you learn something. It can be a fairly strategic game once the players are a bit advanced, but basically it is a game where you can win on both sides. Win with the best words, or because you may strategic enough to outwit the other contestant.

It is fun, try it. Get back and try playing a board game. It’s retro and it’s damn fun.