I’ve been keeping away from this blog for a while. Some of you guys who know me personally know the reason. I’m doing twelve things at a time, it’s a crazy busy phase right now. Soon, I will be doing my first ever exhibition here in Ibiza, or to put it more correctly in a place called Can Jeroni, a little gallery in Sant Josep. Together with a photographer friend, Oliver Janssen who contributes his wonderful black and white photos.


It starts on November 23rd so that’s why I kept things low profile around here with blogging and stuff.


This here, by the way, is the first page of our flyer. It contains a stupid typo. Those of you who can speak catalan, can surely spot it easily. Why is it there? Cos I did not see it. While I was knocked out with flu, I really should not have done the proof reading… This is what happens. You miss out on a stupid mistake which is right on the frontpage. Lesson learned.


With the link above, you can download it.


This here, above, is the first ever online link which mentions us. It is by the website www.ibiza.com a portal catering for English speaking as well as Russian speaking community (!) who featured us in their event calendar. They did not use my press text, but hey, that’s up to them. And they wrote our names right which surely is something. Plus they were professional and nice. That certainly is a plus.

So, I do want to keep blogging it is just for the simple fact that I have been running out of time quite recently. There are still many many things to organize and stupid, mundane, last-minute stuff to rectify and getting things ready. But at the same time, it is a very vivid, and fun thing too. You do learn a lot. First of all, you learn to get a grip, a good grip on yourself, otherwise you simply turn nuts. You learn new ways with which you handle things that go wrong, things that don’t work. It does toughen you up a bit. At least, that was the case with me. First, of all, so many things ocurred that went wrong, I could not believe it. Secondly, I somehow decided to take things easy and just go with the flow. Maybe, that kind of saved me.

Eventually, things evolve differently than you thought before, but the good news is THAT they evolve. And you learn to appreciate it. To remain flexible and you get to learn things like straightening things out that were blundered.

As well as it somewhat changes the way you look at your own output, and also on the way you want to be perceived as an artist as well as how you perceive yourself. Ok, you see, I don’t really like calling myself artist, although this might seem strange. For myself, for my own self perception, I am a writer, no more, no less. I write. End of story. But I see myself differently now than before I started out doing the Dark Vila thing. You get to think about yourself a lot, but not in a narcissistic way, in a more adult way, I guess. At least, that’s my story, and I will stick to it. 😉

But since I had to write up so many news, so many press release bits and pieces, writing emails to people I did not know and still be talking about myself, making myself clear as to what I wanted to express with this exhibition, it somehow clicked. This is not about me at all.

This is something bigger than me. This is a joint thing, an idea that was developed by two different people, it is something beyond personality. Plus, we were lucky enough that the universe made us cross paths somehow with each other and find each other interesting and nice enough to muster the energy and push forward. Of course, an artist is also a bit narcissistic in a way. So, hey, yes, it is also about me and Oliver Janssen, the photographer who does the expo with me. But at the same time, the thing that is our joint output has morphed into something beautiful. It is bigger than both of us. It is like a wild chemical experiment. Imagine you’re this guy in a lab. You have two test tubes with two wildly different ingredients a.k.a. people. And a brave scientist decides to throw these two guys in test tubes together. Bang, there they are in a pot. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it ain’t.

That to me is the essence of art, it is the excitement of creating something new, something that has not been there before. Maybe, that’s why I tend to be experimental at times. I just love experiments. And when they work, even better. 😉

I am happy so far, although the sizzling excitement remains cos I can’t know for sure can I? Please guys, keep your fingers crossed that everything will work out, and I will try not to mess it up. 

Now I shut up and try to be a bit less chatty and a bit more productive. Thanks everyone. 😉