This is just a quick post to let you know that I did a content-related faceover with my blog to make it easier to get around, to use as a resource, and simply better in terms of reading it and finding contents. I admit it, it kind of got out of hand because I blogged a lot recently, and did not care too much about how the main page looked. This is something I tried to fix and make it more coherent and more accessible. In the past, I also did not tag or categorise all the articles I posted. This I tried to change as well. Though I may still be a little bit behind. Which is a work in progress.

And I added posts without integrating them in some sort of hierarchy.

On the first page, there was basically way too much information. I hope you will find it an improvement to the last version. If so please let me know. If not, please also let me know. I need to learn about this. This is the first time around that I really “use” a blog and not let it die. 😉

I also added the section “How to hire me”. You can find it down below (just in case). 😉

From all the really nice and encouraging comments that I’ve had so far it seems that there are really some people around who read this blog. That in itself was enough to make me rethink the way in which I present it.

 Since I am a writer and not a graphics designer, things may still be a little all over the place, or awkward so please bear with me and just let me know if there something annoying or weird, and I will try to fix it. Promise 😉