Well, vampire books, especially good ones, are hard to come by. And vampire books that are not just that but also sexy without being cheap, tend to be even harder to come by. So, this one, is a book I would love to genuinely recommend you to read.

It is an unusual one. A very short novel, only approx. 130 pages. Lean, but juicy if you ask me. It was written in 1994, published in 1995. It has a nice fin de siecle decadence to it. You can note that economy was still thriving in that era. Historically, that is a nice touch in itself. Then, it has this otherworldly charme, this bit of not-dusty-at-all Bram Stoker Dracula touch to it, but it also gives you this dramatized 3-d, full-colour, paramount, vampire fingerlicking voluptuous sexy couple as seen in “The Hunger” (1982, USA) with David Bowie & Catherine Deneuve and its cinematic twist of women sucking men dry (which could not be further away from the truth, hahaha).

The poem “Prisoner” (Dark Vila) was written as a bit of an answer to that book.

Basically, this is a fun read, a treat for anyone who digs vampires and ghouls and other creatures of the night haunting you. A short read. And the question remains …

<a href=”http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/270371.Where_Does_Kissing_End_?utm_medium=api&amp;utm_source=blog_book”> Where Does Kissing End?</a>