This is a museum I visited some 17 or 18 years ago when I first visited Ibiza aged 23. The necropolis was something really very attractive to me for two reasons. It fitted into the education I had received being very much moulded by the Romans and Greeks since I had Latin as a major subject at school.

The museum is situated on the Via Romana in Ibiza town quite near to the famous Dalt Vila. Right now, it is a very lucky time for anyone interested in archaeology.

The museum was reopened on December 13th 2013. Ever since then and until March 31st 2012, the museum is free for visitors. After this initial period, the entrance prices will be 2.40€ and 1.20€ for children.

The museum basically consists of two parts: the outside part with the graves, the headstones and the caves, and the interior part with the collection of items that were given to the dead for their last journey. I will also try and add a couple of pictures to show the different sections of the museum. is the museum’s homepage.