I guess, none of us really thought that this world might come to an end, well, at least not now, not today, and not because some Mayan calendar ends with today’s date.

Well, if truth be told, the weird thing is… I will always remember this date in the future cos it’s been a very special day for me.

In at least two ways: I received truly good news regarding two very important things in my life. And secondly, I finally managed to see that I am overloading myself, pushing myself way too much, and have the urgent wish to downshift quickly so I don’t break down one day. And I made a decision as to which things I am going to deal with first.

Ok, here is the treat I promised 😉

As promised, here is some Hugh Jackman in his first acting role (1995, Australia, Rat’s Tamer, pilot of Correlli mini series). He plays Kevin Jones, a jail inmate who has been beaten up so severely that he suffers from memory loss, amnesia and some mental disorders. He plays the role uncannily well.

Little bit of tittle tattle. The jail psychologist by his side in this clip is his soon to be his (future) wife in real life. Deborah Furness who is 13 years his senior and who was the star of this series. To be honest, they are both very good and very convincing in their respective roles. I just got my Rat’s Tamer dvd and I love him in that series.

The more Hugh Jackman I see, the more addicted I become. He should take on more difficult, conflictive roles again. The Wolverine role is surely well cast but he is such a fine actor and it would be a shame if this talent would come to a standstill by being wasted with one-dimensional characters.