I was just wondering if this is just me, but I seriously think this whole issue is blown up way out of proportion. Have the Spaniards lost all their sense of humor? That is just the most ridiculous thing. To call a comedian who “kills” (a caricature) of Juan Carlos I. with red colour splattered over white paper. Come on. Be real…

“En concret, el sindicat ultradretà ha denunciat el guionista i escriptor Jair Domínguez com a “autor material” d’un delicte contra la Corona; d’un delicte relatiu a l’exercici dels drets fonamentals i les llibertats públiques, i d’un altre per ofenses i ultratges a Espanya.” (source:http://comunicacio21.cat/2012/10/manos-limpias-denuncia-el-%E2%80%98bestiari-il%C2%B7lustrat%E2%80%99-i-la-fiscalia-obre-diligencies/)

Above webpage (in catalan) shows that the prosecution was started through the ultra-right syndicate. Well, what else you might think… Nevertheless, the king himself should see that this is really a very bad move. Not just another stupid step in the wrong direction.

I know this is a very old law that comes into use here, but please. Don’t you think that the world is watching when you cite two harmless comedians and charge them a crime against the Crown?

Let’s look at the corpus delicti first of all. Here it is.


I would seriously like to know what it is that the Crown needs to hide: that it is still wasting lots of millions of euros, while millions of people are still out of a job, without any chance of re-entry into the job market. 26.6% in the month of november to be exact. That is the official unemployment rate. Or is it the fact that Spain is probably the weakest link of the Eurozone right now. Well, beside Greece.

The whole business about delict against the Crown has the foul stench of something that seems like an internal powerplay.

If I was Juan Carlos, I’d laugh about it, and get on with it. It was nothing but a joke.

If people are no longer allowed to laugh, or the jesters start to disappear into jails, we have a new problem in this state, beside unemployment, poor education, corruption, drugs and what not, and this will be totalitarianism.

Gee, I hope they don’t get shot.

Excuse me. I need to buy a new Spanish flag and see if I can publicly burn it.