When one goes abroad, expands horizons and travels, there are always a good couple of stories to share. I am back again since past Wednesday night. Everything feels different. After almost one month I am back in my place again and even though I felt really good mentally as well as physically, I seem to have contracted a bad flu-type virus. I have all matching symptoms and in spite of scoring pills on end, I feel like death to go. Not good at all. It is going to take a couple of days to get me back on track. I suppose I don’t need a doctor to confirm that this is a virus. But I do need to stay at home and get rest.
The most annoying thing however is the sleepiness. I seem to sleep all the time. Which so is not me.
To be honest. I almost feel drugged.

When the worst is over, I will share my travel stories. This month was very exceptional and taught me many things. I am glad we were curious, strong and brave enough to do this journey after so many years. It definitely was worth it.
Until then, I am trying not to die of boredom cos there is not much I am doing at this point in time. Right now, I am only awake very shortly and the rest of the time, I am pretty fast asleep, dreaming a lot. Weird stuff… Maybe, my body is getting back all the sleep it needs. Certainly it feels that way.
Can’t say I feel wonderful. I feel sort of drained. I guess I need some rest. Some grace period.
Will be back soon.

I had thought I would blog a lot and also write a lot while away. But the truth is: life is out there. And I took the chalice and drank it till its very last drop.

In the end, I wasn’t even online. It seemed such a drag, so I did not do it. And there was a bet involved too.

To me, it just shows that being connected is something that is a manacle modern man accepts. But in fact he (modern man) does not need. There is a lot in there we don’t actually need. But which we pretend we cannot go without. But which is just surplus.

We are leeching of the substitutes. Not even the real thing.

Once we accept what slavery we live in, we might find the path to freedom.

This is just a quick scribble but I shall come back to the notion of freedom and slavery. There is something to it.

More pills. More sneezing and coughing. More weird dreams. Let me submerge.
More being on the edge.