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The above link is a Catalan language article for anyone who is interested to read something about the World Championship of Scrabble in Catalan. There were roughly twenty-odd people playing, some of which had travelled from l’Hospitalet, Barcelona, Menorca and Mallorca in order to participate.

Anyone who will be in Ibiza at the end of March this year (March 22nd) will be able to see another Scrabble championship, this time maybe a good chance to give it a first shot. Admission possible until March 20th. The championship will be held at a local school in Sant Josep and afterwards, everyone can let the evening ease out with the famous Flower Power Party in Sant Josep. Come in hippy clothing to the championship and have a good laugh. Afterwards, chances are that we probably all go there, which is basically the sign that summer is around the corner, the weather is quite nice, and the days are getting longer.

Here is a nice weekend to be had! Why not join in?

For more information, please visit this page


The Scrabble Club Ibiza (Eivissa) and its blog

The Scrabble Club Eivissa can be reached through the blog or the facebook page (“scrabble club eivissa”).

Ask for Pau Arranz, president of the Scrabble Club Ibiza.

English / German / French / Dutch / Italian / Greek language contacts can also contact me, Chryssula Kokossulis, member of the Scrabble Club Ibiza.


The International Federation of Scrabble in Catalan