Maybe it is just a sign that I am getting older, more selective in what I deem really relevant information, and maybe also because I am a bit more settled. But through the beckoning news, everyone on this world was informed today that a new Pope had been elected. His name is Ulysses XXXI.

He is Argentinian, that’s about as far as it goes.

I don’t buy into church and religion that much.

We all saw the white smoke coming outside the Vatican chimney. Ok, I won’t waste time with making jokes as to whether these guys were doing a barbecue inside…

Here is something George Carlin said about religion…

The greatest bullshit story ever told. It is a classic.

It seems such a dark anachronism to still have a Pope in the 21st century. And to be honest and frank, I just could not care less. It is not of my concern. On the other hand, I really think there are other topics that are really by far more interesting.

Ok, right, here is today’s choice. How about this: Let’s talk about…

– why the TROÏKA includes a non-disclosure paragraph and thereby inhibiting the basic freedom of press. This is actually included in the contract and the organs of press are thus obliged not to spread or actually hinder news about the actual happenings in Greece to get outside. This my dear readers is something that George Orwell might have written in his darkest fantasies. I am not exactly sure if this is an internet hoax so I need much more information first of all. But if this turns out to be true in the 21st century, then, believe me, the world will know about it. It would be a class one violation of Human Rights, and this is something neither one of us can accept.

This to me, seems downright outrageous. It is a disgrace. And not just because I am half Greek and half German, so indeed there is this weird feeling that I should be very much interested in what is happening here, and yes, I do!!! There is this weird feeling, almost something of a home-run feeling within me.

On one hand, I feel with the young Greek population, suffering from poverty, unemployment, zero chances to enter an already corrupt and totally destroyed market thanks to the downgrading after these months of haggling with Mrs Merkel. Hmmm. It is not such a nice situation anyway. The bottom-line here should read:



This seems to be a problem in many Southern countries like Spain, Greece and Portugal where the crisis has brought back a century old problem: In a nutshell, it is this here -Got no job, got no money, got no flat, stay with parents.

Basically: Many many young Greeks have to stay living with their parents because there is no way they can survive on the minimal and scarce wages or dole money that is given to them. Especially when they are under 25. This is one thing. But another is the ever more decreasing and deteriorating situation of the welfare state in Greece. Doctors, social workers, … etc. I cannot write about it right now. But from what I heard through the grapevine so far, the situation is not really peachy keen in Greece.

The whole social situation seems to be deteriorating and this is just the tip of the iceberg. However, thanks to this ludicrous non-disclosure clause, we – i.e. the public – get to read, listen or see… plain nothing, because that would be too damaging in terms of bringing across the real and not too pretty picture of what is actually happening down there in Greece.

On the other hand, my German half, the more analytical part of me, wants more facts and it wants to know who signed the TROÏKA and who is actually part of it. Who benefits from this. And why is it so important to keep everything so under wraps? To be honest, I guess, this is quite a lead. I will follow this lead as far as I can and keep you, my benevolent readers, posted.

As a European citizen, as a believer in press freedom as well as in freedom of speech and also in the basic human rights, I demand to know what is the exact situation. And this encompasses the actual social situiation of around 10 million fellow Greeks as well as the situation as stated in the TROÏKA and if there are any legal hooks that can be undone.

Watch this space.

This should be really interesting.Image

Also. Should you be able to provide me with detailed information as to the situation in Greece or as with regards to the TROÏKA, please contact me through the comment section, leave an email address and I will get back to you.

By the way, in case you don’t know what TROÏKA means, here is a small but good definition by (

“Definition: Troika – If you follow financial and business news in Greece, the troika is mentioned in practically every article. But just what – or who – is The Troika?

The troika is a slang term for the three organizations which have the most power over Greece’s financial future – or at least that future as it is defined within the European Union. The three groups are the European Commission (EC), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the European Central Bank (ECB).

While Greece squeaked through the end of 2011 with the approval of the Troika for bailout packages, things got challenging during the dual elections. While many observers feel the worst of the crisis is passing, Greece’s leaders are calling for additional “Greek haircuts” on existing loans and the Troika makes frequent visits to Athens…and will be until the next financial aid package is hammered out. If it is…”


All in all, there will be more to check and to read up on. It sounds like I am embarking on an adventure here, but for me, it seems like the only logic thing to do. I will somehow cut some edges here and there to get the time to find out more. And so will you! Please share this article in case you find this information good and the article well-written.

On a personal note, Alexandros, Thank you very much. EYXAPIΣΤΟ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟ.

Parlem demà. We’ll speak tomorrow.

PS: Thankfully, through my wide contact network, I had a contact to a Greek young journalist. So, never mind, whatever the TROÏKA says. Come here, and you will find more information. Either written in English, or in Catalan.