Personally, I believe that whenever you feel most insecure, the most unwanted, the most imperfect… are worth gold. These moments are charged with life and passion. On the other hand that’s the moment you need to take as a base and learn what is wrong. Could be it’s you. Could be it’s somebody else. Could be whatever. But basically one thing always remains the same. The insecurity stems from the hurt you’ve gone through. Feeling of being unwanted is a bluff, a chimera. If someone does not consider you worth dealing with, if you are ignored, you should definitely not make this your problem. Forget it. It’s not you. But adding paranoia to a week self-esteem is not really a brilliant. The last bit is imperfection.
The answer sounds brutal but it’s simple. Stop the self-loathing. Accept your own flaws. Try it for size … how would your life change if YOU started to accept that noone is perfect. Learn to live with it.

Ok sounds like one of these bloody self help books… but the truth is sometimes life itself.

Be yourself.
Be who you are.

The sooner … the better.