Part TWO.

As promised here comes part two of this dual post that I ventured today. I know it is a bit of a stretch for some people. But to be honest, I don’t think that these topics are too far apart.

Both deal with death in some way. One deals with the way, that some people may feel inclined to take their own lives away and the other topic is about the manner, a very modern manner to prevent a death that is also in some way endogenetic. It is something that comes from inside you.

Before I go any deeper into the matter, let me get one thing clear: I do admire Mrs Jolie as a an actress, as a mother of her many children, and also as a beacon for many charity projects. She does good and she keeps talking about it. Which is perfectly legitimate to me.

However, what I felt was a bit hard to swallow was the supposed altruism that went with the breast story. I don’t quite believe it was that altruistic. But I may be wrong. If I am wrong, I will retract my statement and I will be first to state it here.

Reasons for my concern?

– She is a filmstar.

– She is a multimillionaire

– She is someone used to standing in the public eye and she knows damn well what publicity is and also what public sympathy is

– She is getting money for her media exposure (hmmm… makes you wonder somehow… )

But on the other hand, I want to try and be objective.

Ok, here goes.

Let me put myself in her place. I am a woman of three biological children and four (?) adopted ones. Me and my husband are working truly hard on our career. Then, I get this health check, and someone who is into selling genetic tests which are the latest fad and actually still way too expensive that a large population group might actually access it. So they are running a scan with my genetic material. Ok. I have no idea if she was specifically looking for hereditary conditions or it was a pure random find. Well. Shit. I get scared. I don’t want to die. Like my mum who died at 56. I have kids. I have a husband. So yes, after she had her mother die on her at the age of 56, I think it is perfectly legitimate or ok to have a genetic scan, more so, since she has got the money.


OR … HEY… IS IT JUST A MEDIA SCAM… ??? Yes, in my humble opinión, it really is. AND NOTHING BUT.


That treatment Mrs Jolie got is something that millions of women around the globe would love to do for themselves because they too have some hereditay cáncer in their family. Trouble is… Ain’t gonna happen. They will never be able to do. Because such a scan is immensely expensive. I guess at this particular moment in time, Slim chances if you are on public health… I very much doubt it that public health will a) run a health scan that profoundly and that deeply to make you aware of your specific risks. and b) even if you know it, there is still no way, that public health is going to pay for a preventive breast amputation PLUS reconstructive surgery. NO… Sorry, until someone can prove me wrong I am SIMPLY NOT INCLINED to believe that this is possible. And no, I live in the real world. Where I see each and every day how important things are being taken away from patients each and every day, so please don’t sell me this BULLSHIT about we have such a good health system.

I can prove that the health system is really pretty poor. And you don’t have to go very far to see it. You can see and experience it each and every day. The point is as long as you’re healthy, you don’t get to see it. But as soon as you need it, you will very quickly learn about the shortcomings of this Rajoy new economic wunderkind… It is sad. Spain is not a paragon country in terms of medicine like it used to be. That thing is for sure.

If you can afford to be in a private health scheme, then, you may get to see the benefits of modern medicine, but not on public health. Sorry, I am not buying it.

And here we are. Amidst the actual discussion about the real problema here… This is not about the breast glands of MRS JOLIE at all, this is about the SOCIAL DISPARITIES which are getting bigger and more and more irreversible and so tragic that we need to focus on what is happening here. This is really some kind of BRAIN WASH. Please be aware that there are thousands of women who die each year because they can’t pay their medical bills. And here I am talking about the US, about Germany, about Spain and about many other countries.

When we look at the oath of Hippocrates. What did he state? Think about it for a minute. We have to have ethical concerns. Not only financial ones and ones that keep our company’s margin in the win zone. This is not Harvard business school. This is about the lives of people. This is about people who will be scared. This is about some bad media scam. Don’t believe everything the media agencies feed you. They pay a huge amount of money to plant these articles… That is not a fairy tale. This is the 101 of social media. Be aware!!!


Getting back to Hippocrates: My question would therefore be –  Is it ETHICAL to promote a possibility to prevent hereditary cancer when at least 90% of all affected women are not able to access that particular treatment.

I would venture to say NO!

Because? Because pharmaceutical companies don’t want to ruin their return business. That is why…


It is a sad joke, but it is true. Think about it. Please.

And if I make myself the devil’s advocate, I could even go further and ask really shyly if Mrs Jolie got some shares of the company who is offering this genetic scan and thus the possibility to shake up millions of women who adore Mrs Jolie and won’t hear about PREVENTION or EARLY DETECTION because now…. AMPUTATION WILL BE ALL THE RAGE…

And that, to my mind, is in the deepest sense of the word CRIMINAL. Because thus, innocent and non-suspecting citizen are being scared into the GENETIC SCAN HYPE and therefore they will act like lemmings. Without a clue but with a huge feeling of panic in their hearts. If Mrs Jolie does it, it’s gotta be worth it….

No, hang on, the world is not a children’s birthday party. It does not work like that. Pharmaceutical as well as researching companies are hard-headed business men, they are market vultures. They will prey on the media scare and hope to devour many female souls who is scared shitless. And yes, I think, this is depraved.

And no, I would not even consider having such a genetic scan, even if I had the money. But I must say, I have a definitive opinion on that one. And it largely brings me back to those years when I used to be a Young girl helping out at my dad’s practice, who used to be a gynaecologist. Think about the patient’s welfare, Think about her as a human being. Breasts are the epitome of a female anatomy. To take it away and not be able to reconstruct it, because that would be the bottom line for women who probably could venture to get a genetic check, and even get the result that yes, they are indeed affected, but then, hey, sad thing, but the reconstruction… Hm, that is something you have to pay on your own…

I am 42 years of age. I recently had a mammogram because I think it is about time I had one after two years or so. It is nothing that I like but I do know… if something fishy is going on I would like to know about it as son as possible.

If people acted responsibly, they would first make it a REAL ROUTINE for women to get a mammogram or at least an ECHO once a year. That way, a lot of the cancers would have a much better to be caught. Truth is… Genetic scans only tell you one thing. The ratio of how high a risk you have to get cancer. But apart from hereditary there are more and more environmental, nutritional and other factors that can or cannot contribute to your personal risk to develop cancer.

My plea would be to really get away from being star struck and start to think why such a multimedia star like Angelina Jolie, ok, she may have done it for the right reasons, was placed in the NEW YORK TIMES to have her article printed… This is the global media machinery. She and her cancer story is industry fodder and water on the mill for the company owner who will rub his hands now… And believe me… If he was such a medicine hero… why would he not cross subsidise the Price of this genetic scan and thus permitting empiric data finds.,.. This would truly be a heroic gesture.

One thing which is positive, however, is that we started to talk about cáncer more freely which is good. And this helps to raise awareness. Point taken. But to know about a decisión, which I deem to be basically the result of a media scam by some genetic scan company owner is something iffy… if you get me.


I honestly think we are still quite far away from viewing any heroes in this article. Sorry to say so, but this is my humble opinion. As much as I like Angelina Jolie on the silver screen. Her presence in the media especially with this topic has been a thorn in my side. She is helping someone out there to earn millions and millions of dollars by scaring the shit of women to do costly genetic testing they don’t need, and basically, for her, it may have been a load of her chest to do the operation and to subsequently talk about it…. But honest? Wouldn’t it have been braver to keep the mouth shut about something where you know that millions and millions of women can’t afford to go the same way as you, and you kind of dangle a carrot in front of their noses… Um… Uh… Don’t think she gets my vote for WOMAN OF THE YEAR…


I would really love to see more people do TRULY ALTRUISTIC THINGS, like make this genetic scan free… so any woman who wants to have it, can have it. That would be good in two ways. More data material would be collected. And secondly, the fear factor would considerably be reduced. I do think that prevention is still good and still very important. But if you have such a strong weapon against cancer, why would you not try to make it accessible to everyone???

No, I am not involved in medicine in any way. I don’t write for a company who is targeting this genetic testing company. I am just someone who is concerned about the media shit we are being fed each and every day. And if something gets on the wrong side of me, I feel my conscience and want to set the record straight. This is how I operate when I read something that I find worth commenting on.

And this is why I wrote this article. I hope you found it helpful and to some extent illuminating. I guess I might have clarified some issues. If not, do use the comment section below the text.