Ok. This is going to be different. This blog post is like a sneak preview…

It is about interviews I did, need to edit and need to put up here. Unfortunately, time has become an important factor. Here we go.

I did one interview with the autor / singer / actor and truly enigmatic Chris Martos in castellano. Here is someone who published his first book, had a multimedial book trailer , and actually went the whole hog with all the media presence he could come up with. For simplicity’s sake, I will simply post it here in Castellano (or cast/eng). Chris Martos is an author of “El Codigo”. I interviewed him during the presentation of his book he published with circulo rojo. The date of the interview was June 14th 2013. Please trust me, it will also go online soon. Whenever I have the time!


Another interview I have pending is the one I did with the cool-cat, wisecrack, rockabilly fan 😉 CAT, Cristina Amanda Tur (this one is already online, in Spanish), her interview is in the making since the technical problems made me re-do the interview… so here is a little sneak preview of things to come on this blog. Her interview was recorded on June 19th 2013

Quite recently I also did one interview/conversation with the enormously high-energy, wise and nice guy Salvador Macip, who is murderously creative, deadly funny, and who I devirtualized on this occasion. As this interview was carried out in English, it needs to go online either here or with a Catalan translation on the Catalan blog. That was on July 11th. Please keep the faith. It will soon go online too!

Another very interesting interview I did was with the infamous Rhyan Paul who is making sure that people in the UK get hypnotized by his charm and his wit. This was May 1st.

Right now, I am kind of trying to coordinate the many projects and the many things that occupy me. But I will get around to do it. So just trust me.

There are a couple of other authors and poets I would really like to interview here on this island or also on the mainland.

But you are also invited to give me ideas, and to mention names of people you would like me to interview. Please give me ideas who to ask and who not to forget. Be kind. Don’t be mean. Don’t ever ask me to interview someone whose book you know I hate. Like e.g. the 50 shades of grey or whatever abismal literature.

So, you can contact me through the comment box. Thanks for your suggestions! 😉

Keep watching this space. Things are always tricky in the temporada when everyone is rushing, trying to be in two places at one time… and basically trying to make the most of his time.

Take care. Have breaks. Go to the beach. Don’t get stung by jellyfish. Enjoy life.

And hey remember:

Don’t cry. Work. 🙂