Let’s suppose the strike is still on.
Oh hang on, it is.

Let’s suppose the teachers have a symbol for their protest.
Oh hang on, they have.

Let’s make one last tentative assumption.
Let’s suppose that the government does not want the teachers to show their will to keep up the strike.
Well, by now, you all know the answer.

This is exactly what happens.
Bauzzà would like his opponents to be gagged.


And this is the bad sign that gave Bauzà such a headache he had to penalize it.
This is the enllaçats lace, or, sorry, your honour, this is the corpus delicti.


So, you may ask
What is the point of having such a law?

Would it surprise you if I told you that this law has been introduced and is about to be passed by Bauzà’s government with the clear intention to criminalize teachers and everyone who associates themselves with the language debate and decides for the anti-government, oh, sorry, I should say, the wrong side? 😉
I know. My bad.

Would it furthermore surprise you if I told you that it is nothing more than a gesture of power play?
With this law, it has been made perfectly clear. Whoever is in favour of the Enllaçats is against the government and basically this someone will have a hard time around, as much as our Mini Napoleón can influence it.

Let’s call his bluff!!!


Please, Senyor Bauzà, did you have nothing better to do than to introduce such a superfluous law to let the last village idiot know that actually Bauzà is sucking up to Madrid’s power players, and Franquismo is back in fashion…


What does this pretty law say then?

It is forbidden to put up the sign of “Enllaçats per la llengua” on any government (public) building. The silly thing is that the Enllaçats sign (which it’s aimed at) basically is the Catalan flag itself, tied as a lace. So, the law is nationalist and at the same time anti-nationalist. I know it is crazy. Not fun crazy, but rather identity problem crazy.

Yes, you heard me. It is forbidden, and if you are thinking in terms of being an outlaw, eager to put up an enllaçat flag and hence to break the law, well, think it over, since this law is not a cheap one to break. Any breech will be fined with up to 10,000€.

No, this is 2013, not 1937.

José Ramon, come on, dude, really???

I am not even sure if you can read this for yourself or if you have someone who needs to translate it for you. But surely there has to be another way to govern a community than by fear and anxiety and the muffling of opposing and dissident voices.

The government does not want to back down. In a seemingly macho attempt, they want to discipline people like they were some unruly youngsters who came home drugged or something. The whole thing has an eery, a very strange feel to it. Even though it is quite apparent and so hugely evident with 94% of all teachers participating in the strike, as well as thousands of citizens, they still don’t see the necessity that the government ought to think about negotiation soon unless they want to find themselves in the uncomfortable position of regretting it later on.

The government under Jose Ramon Bauzà actually managed to surprise me yet again with this perfectly absurd action. They indeed want to prohibit the use of the widely known symbol of the socalled “enllaçats”, the little lace made from a Catalan flag. It is being passed right now (the news is from today, November 5th, 2013) that from now on, this symbol may not be used on any public building (which schools certainly are). So basically, it is a brusque attempt to silence the teachers or anyone affiliated, to silence and scare them in their way to rebel against such an analphabet system that we are being presented with.

It is just sad. When I wrote my article about Plurilingualism I thought I had gone a bit over the top with the comparison with the Franco time, but as it seems, that was just the beginning.

I just cannot believe what is happening here right now.

Ànims! Enllaçada per sempre més!
No hem de rendir-nos mai!
Enllaçats per la llengua!