Spain’s team “La Roja” played crap yesterday, so they lost. Booh-bloody-hooo! This would certainly not be worth even an arched eyebrow from me but this one is different. In a country where the testosterone filled male pride is shattered in seconds after the final minute of this game, we can all go home quietly and wonder what this is all about. Don’t call me arrogant, but I’m gonna fill in the blanks here. It’s not that I’m an expert here, but still. The whole build up around the football championship in Brazil got me thinking.

Believe me, I’m not a big football fan myself even though I used to play it as a child a lot. But the kind of extremely comercialized version of everything just does not do it for me. But being a good wife ūüėČ I was sitting¬†next to my husband and saw the match.¬†If I’m honest, yes, I was happy¬†seeing Spain got kicked in the arse by the Dutch yesterday. The reason? Just very simple… If Spain had won, we could forget the next coming six weeks or so… Everything would be overshadowed with this huge football halo and all the Neanderthal emotional crap that goes with it. We could forget for the next six weeks¬†what really matters and just sit in front of the TV screen and figure out which one of these sickeningly overpaid footie players will be the star of this championship.

Boy, I am sooo not into that… As much as I like watching fit males doing something that shows off their muscular side and everything, but still… These days, no-one can say that football is just plain football. It’s also some kind of hen picking in some way. Or ok, point taken, a cock fight.

Spain has a lot to do, a lot to deal with these days… But we’re so close to the two months where nothing, but really nothing happens around here… nothing¬†politically, nothing that will hit the newspapers,¬†… and therefore this “failure to perform”¬†in the championship is something I’m pretty happy about. Because it changes the perspective slightly.

Oh, ok… And yes, it was a piece of cake for the Dutch crew cos they are sooooo used to playing on wet ground. But still.

The image shown above basically was just a joke playing on the difference in terms of mínimum wage and unemployment rates of the two countries.

What about the King then? Well the old one was clever enough to take his hat and just leave… while he was still able to conceive the benefit of what he was doing. All his Swiss accounts must be bursting with whitewashed cash, so what’s there to worry about.

– The Catalans want freedom and Independence

– the unemployment rate has never been as high

– Spanish nationalists rear their ugly heads (there’s some whiff of¬†LePenn here)

– Mariano Rajoy is just another hopeless idiot (sigh)… and he’s still around another two years… (sigh, yeah, I know)

– the crisis (even though it’s self created) is still pretty much around

– politicians like Wert and Bauz√† show what types of people advance in the political hierarchy and which ones don’t

–¬†the population is suffering (financially,¬†ideologically)

– there’s a tendency towards riots (Like¬†happened at the end of may in Barcelona)

– people unable to pay off their houses, are jumping to their death. This type of suicide has become (very sadly) quite popular as people¬†are killing themselves because they don’t have a perspective and¬†they¬†don’t know¬†any better

– Felipe (the heir to the throne) is so in tune with the socalled¬†“Old boys’ club” (in this case: PP party, Wert, Rajoy, Bauz√†). They have a lot in common. So, yeah, basically, it’s his turn to earn his spurs.

In all fairness, it was a surprisingly clever thing to do for Juan Carlos, at least, from his point of view. However, what bemuses me is that in the aftermath of this non-news there is the new/old discussion about the necessity of monarchy. One day twitter boiled up but after that, everything was just gone and forgotten. Are Spaniards this quick at forgetting? Come on, guys!

What is the ra√ģson d’√™tre of a King these days?

You know what I’m thinking, don’t you? Yes. There is none whatsoever. Nada. None. Niet. Nil. No.¬†Exactly. Except for wasting money from a currently deeply crisis-ridden and indebted household. That really isn’t the most clever of moves here. So basically, what was a clever to do¬†for the father, is some kind of¬†burden and¬†maybe even some spot on his currently White chest… Felipe starts out bad. This cannot be the pole position to start with.

Even worse when we think about the date they’ve set for the coronation ceremony. Again — a thorn in the side of all Catalans who are bitterly reminded that this was the date when one city was burned to cinders. Alas! Again, bad move here.

Another thing is the criticism that still remains about unsolved cases around the royal family… Urdangarin, Infanta Cristina, and what not… This is a political heritage bundle not too easy to carry around.


I must say, Felipe would be clever to say no to this Crown. But of course, he won’t. Noblesse oblige…