The truth is I was a little fed up of my own blog so I stopped posting in it. Maybe some occurrences made me wonder whether it was me who gave way to some odd things happening in my life, and to be honest, the answer is probably yes.

Anyway, I do things mostly on a gut level. When I feel things are fine, I stay that way, and if not, heck, I will change it. Move on to another direction. I don’t have such a polished life motto that guides me in my darkest hour, but I do feel that I won’t give up as easily now as before.

I do think that some things are worth fighting for and throwing all your weight in the balance is sometimes a good way to find out who’s with you and who’s not.

Having said that, if 2013 was a tough year for me, then, 2014 needs to be called an even tougher year. There have been many hickups along the way. Some really good stuff has happened too, mind you. But it was a very moved year. For sure not one that I will forget, that much is certain.

At the minute, I guess I try to figure out what makes me happy and what doesn’t, I try to be conclusive, consequent, throw old stuff I don’t need anymore, and heavy (emotional) baggage overboard. There are some things and also sadly enough some people in my life, that I find I can very well do without. And yes, I will cut the ties, or already have done so. That’s the good part I guess. The bad part is the consequence. Sometimes cutting ties can be hard in itself. But at the end of the day, it’s my life. I need to live it and be happy with it. Every time I did that, chucking out the old and heavy stuff, something really pleasant and beautiful happened.

I finally found my smile back, and it led me to believe that this is what will ultimately illuminate my way.

Thank you all for reading this. Have a wonderful Christmas, take care, stay safe, wherever you are, whoever you’re with and most of all. Think about this for a minute.

If it hurts for quite some time, it’s a good enough choice to walk away.

If it makes you happy, you might as well give it your best shot.


Nothing is forever. Unless it’s meant to be, and then you’ll find out soon enough.