That's me. It's a pretty recent shot taken in December 2012.

That’s me. It’s a pretty recent shot taken in December 2012.

I was born a rebel. I started life with a scream loud, strong and well audible. Nowadays I tend to write and not to scream as much but here and there I sometimes feel the urge to be heard.

So who am I? Have some short sticky silly labels for me, shall we?

Writer, editor, translator, culture fetishist, optimist, erratic at times, gothic, punkette, femme fatal, philologist, T.S. Eliot reader.

“My roots are German and Greek. Being born in Cologne/Germany, having studied in Cologne as well as in Dublin, I chose to live in Ibiza/Spain in the winter of 2007. This blog is about how I live here, how I struggle and overcome the difficulties living abroad but also just stuff that is on my mind. Period.

It is more like an online diary – which somehow does not get written often enough… I tend to get distracted too often on the way to the computer.

But… I am getting there. You may tell already.

Here is my favourite quote from

T.S.Eliot’s “Waste Land”:

The awful daring of a moment’s surrender

which an age of prudence can never retract

by this and this only

we have existed

which is not to be found in our obituaries.

Update two years later. Jan 1st, 2015

I still live in Ibiza, A lot of things happened though. Nothing is written in stone.