This is a new section yet to come….

You know. There are books that impress us while others don’t. Books that touch us deep inside.

If anything this will be a very personal list. And probably debatable.

Bret Easton Ellis “Less than zero”
William S. Burroughs “Naked Lunch”
E.A. Poe “Tales of Terror”
anything written by William Shakespeare
Jay McInerney “Bright Lights, big city”
basically anything by Patrick McGrath (especially “Stella”)
anything by Iain McEwan (especially “Cement Garden” & “First Love, last rites”)
Francis Fyfield “Undercurrents”
Lesley Glaister “Sheer Blue Bliss”
John Birmingham “He died with a felafel in his hand”
Jack Kerouac “On the road”

and many many more… To be honest, I am a little lost here. Where to start?

Hang on, maybe that’s a bad way to do it. I’ll come up with something more useful, so you can get some ideas if you don’t know a certain author or what not.

Update two years later. Well, same goes for books really. I read too much and I don’t really have the time to keep updating this section. However, I do encourage everyone to seriously read and read always some more. Reading does something good for your brain.