Ok, the idea is basically the same as the book section since I love movies, if they are fun, weird, intelligent or plain bad.

Here goes:

– Trainspotting
– Pulp Fiction
– The Prestige
– Paperback Hero
– Shallow Grave
– The Pillow Book
– The Fisher King
– American Beauty
– Blue Juice
– He died with a felafel in his hand
– Spider and Rose
– Freaky Friday
– My big fat Greek wedding
– Real Steel
– Moulin Rouge
– about a boy
– Little Miss Sunshine
– My wonderful little launderette
– Withnail & I
– Shopping
– Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
– The Sting
– X-Men

and many many more.

I will try to set up a movie section, but it will surely take a while.

Update 2 years later: Actually, I don’t feel like adding this movie section after all since it might just be flogging a dead horse for most people. There are tons of movie pages so don’t expect me to do yet another one.