I am a writer, but business-wise I am a translator and copy-writer. You can hire me.

I write website texts, product presentations, PR notes, book cover texts, copy texts for advertising, basically anything you could think of. If you have a project on your hands, and want someone to do it for you, why not think of me and let me have a quick look and see whether I can help you out.

I translate things. Menus, PR texts, website presentations, sometimes even whole books…

Whether you are the owner of a little café, a multinational company (ok, just dreaming), someone who has written a product presentation in a certain language, and needs to have a translation into another, or just a straight a menu translation, or are in need of a good & fresh copy text. Why not hire me?

Get in touch with me through an email or the submission form below and I will respond to you mostly within a day and be able to give you a quote.

No strings attached.

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