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This is a museum I visited some 17 or 18 years ago when I first visited Ibiza aged 23. The necropolis was something really very attractive to me for two reasons. It fitted into the education I had received being very much moulded by the Romans and Greeks since I had Latin as a major subject at school.

The museum is situated on the Via Romana in Ibiza town quite near to the famous Dalt Vila. Right now, it is a very lucky time for anyone interested in archaeology.

The museum was reopened on December 13th 2013. Ever since then and until March 31st 2012, the museum is free for visitors. After this initial period, the entrance prices will be 2.40€ and 1.20€ for children.

The museum basically consists of two parts: the outside part with the graves, the headstones and the caves, and the interior part with the collection of items that were given to the dead for their last journey. I will also try and add a couple of pictures to show the different sections of the museum.

http://www.maef.es is the museum’s homepage.


Right now, this is the summer that no one can ignore. Everything is so hot. One gets lazy at times like this.
I started out again to see more of the Ibiza art scene. Today however I went to see Martha Cooper’s Making an appearance. It was really good. She showed some 130 pictures some of which were taken as early as 1980. But mixed with picturs from now, it gave the visitor a fantastic insight into her deep relationship with street art and graffiti. Martha Cooper is a photographer not afraid to be in the middle of things. Her art is authentic because it is real. One thing which I found amazing is that she took a shot of a couple of guys in their late twenties and one shot of exactly the same guys some thirty years later. You can see in the picture that she relates with all the people she is taking pictures of. She has an unusual style inasmuch as sometimes you wish that the pictures were more dramatic. But they aren’t. They are silent, authentic and rich like life itself.
To be honest with you, I did not know her before but the way she did some of her shots really made me wonder. It made me think. About graffiti as an art form but also about the photographer as an intermediate person between the anonymity of the street and society that criminalized this art.
Her art is different. But it is good and deeply political. The topic of street art is a tag that would fit her alright. But is that all there is to it I wonder. It would be nice to go, see her and ask her myself.
Right now, the only thing that remains to be said is to encourage everyone on Ibiza to go and take a look for yourself.
The expo is on from July 24th until roughly August 19th. Please also post comments if you know Martha Cooper’s work.
Ps. There is a pic of Iggy Pop in there as well. Another reason to like dig Martha Cooper.

Sometimes, Monday needs a lot of special attention. This one here did.
But by being resilient you can overcome the shadow of a weekend that is too delicious, too enchanting and too inviting.
We all need breaks, moments to clear our heads, to be childish, to be inventive and just to live.
Whenever the need arises, we should remind ourselves that perfection is a trait that is not something we are born with. And maybe not something we should strive for either.
I have been burning the candle at both ends for almost eight weeks. And it is now that i look back upon that period that I put myself under too big a strain. I was more like a walking zombie, pushing myself to the limit and sometimes beyond. It is good to know that I can deal with the strain. But to be honest life is way more enjoyable with enough sleep and without the hot breath of someone at your back. The funny thing however that it was noone else but me who wanted everything and all at once.
Ok. Understood. Cross out strive for perfection and underline live in happiness and with your own and other people’s mistakes and limitations.
Hard lesson to learn. But an important one I guess.

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