I wish I could put this in a nicer more poetic way, but let’s face it: August in Ibiza means you sweat it. Literally from each and every pore. There is nothing that can be done to prevent you from sweating through t-shirts and through other pieces of clothing.

From my blog point of view, I have to say that once again, it appears to be the case that I am not your typical blogger. I am more the Facebook type I guess. Whatever that means. Well. A lot of things have happened.

To be honest, I do not know where to start. Maybe, I will in my next posting which I intend to do in earlier than two months’ time.

So second time around with this blog, I wish to write something that could be useful for someone else who may come across these lines. I am nearly 2o months here in Ibiza and somehow, this year 2009 seems to be way more critical as the last one. Economics, economics, economics, 2009 is the year that will go into the world’s history as the year of the crises. So, what can you do? Do yourself a favour and do not panic. That has never been a good answer to all these crises that need to be conquered and maybe also ignored in a way. I feel however that I do not want to be trampled upon, I do not want to be played like a puppet on a string. There are certain things in this hemisphere that do enrage me quite strongly. It is the thought that some companies do take advantage of the crisis and think now it is their time to go cheap, cheaper, crisis-cheap… And most of which is a sufferance for many a worker or many a office clerk’s salary…

When such and such happens, I am like thinking why oh why did I do all of this? Go to a foreign country? no strings attached… Really was I childish,  adventuresome… really wild… really spirited… ok, oh maybe also kinda stupid too…

But hey, no, don’t get me wrong. I suppose had I stayed in Germany, I could have easily gone through the same dire straits in Hamburg or in Munich, Berlin or whatever city… Strange and not so nice things may have happened to me just as well. So why feel negative and feel like all I ever did in these two past years was wrong? It is not the case. But … but this feels like I was all wrong. After two years (almost) you want to have noticeable success… YOu want to feel as though you belong here. But all I can feel right now is the struggle to maintain ourselves. And that is something eating up your tiny bit of energy left. Maybe, we are faced here with a tiny start of a depression. I do not want to feel that way. But at the moment, I feel we are up shit’s creek. All we do is struggle, work, struggle, work, eventually in between we eat, drink, go to bed and sleep. But that is about it.

However, let’s be fair. Is it all there is to it?

There are so many beautiful and wonderful moments in my life here in Ibiza that I should be thankful that I, that we can live here. I do not need to think as if I had been such a fool. I wasn’t. I won’t be. Maybe, I simply need to toughen up a little. People do get kicked in the teeth sometimes. For being too trusty, for being too naive, for being too fair and too happy go lucky. And seen from an objective point of view, we have been lucky so far.

We are here the four of us, my husband, our two children.

We live a blessed and blissed life here.

I just wish that now the happy days will outweigh the dreary and drab weather we have to make do with sometimes.

I do believe in my dream. Live and work in Ibiza. Yes, go for it.